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Tungsten Alloy Solutions

Worldwide tungsten solutions for Aerospace, Die Casting, Medical, Homeland Security, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Precision Tooling, Automotive, and High-Performance Racing applications.

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Only from Astaras in the Americas

Astaras, Inc. is the Exclusive Provider of ANVILOY® and TUCOMET® Tungsten Alloys in the Americas

As divisions of the IBG Group, Astaras, Inc. is the exclusive provider of ANVILOY® and TUCOMET® Tungsten Alloys in the Americas. Weldstone Components serves Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

ANVILOY® Tungsten alloys are sourced from our sister company The Weldstone Group. The Weldstone Group is located in China and also owned by the IBG Group.

When your drawings specify export restrictions, Astaras will take all measures to prevent these files from being sent out of the USA. Astaras will use a large network of USA machining partners to provide USA machined products made from our tungsten alloys.

For questions or concerns regarding our processes, materials, or organization please contact us below.

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Research and Case Studies

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