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Metal Furnace

High Performance Die Casting, Permanent Molds & Foundries

ANVILOY® products can be used for:

  • Cooling Inserts

  • Wear Resistance Inserts

  • Core Pins

  • Short Block

  • Sprue Bushings

  • Sprue Posts

  • Chill Blocks

  • and more!

ANVILOY® Applications

Chill Block Core Pin Contour Insert Sprue Bush Image


  • High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

  • Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC)

  • Gravity Casting

  • Other Special Casting Technologies

Slider Cooling Insert Sprue Spreader Runner Image


  • Cooling Sprue Posts

  • Wear Resistance Sprue Bushes

  • Wear Resistance Runners

  • Non-Sticking Core Pins

  • Cooling Core Pins

  • Wear Resistance Inserts

  • Cooling Inserts

  • Chill Blocks

  • Porosity Removing Inserts

ANVILOY® Characteristics and Benefits

ANVILOY® Characteristics

  • High resistance against dissolution

  • High hardness at high temperature

  • High strength at high temperature

  • Good thermal conductivity

  • Good tempering resistance

  • Can form separation layers

  • Easy to machine

ANVILOY® Benefits

  • Reduces Corrosion and Erosion

  • Increases Form Stability

  • Improves Stability of Dimensions

  • Removes Heat quickly

  • Minimizes Heat Checks

  • Reduces Soldering

  • Various Shapes possible

ANVILOY® Results

Improved Wear Protection

  • Reduced erosion

  • Reduced corrosion

  • Reduced hot soldering

  • Reduced cold soldering

  • Reduced heat checking

Improved Thermal Functions

  • Improved heat transfer to avoid pores

  • Improved heat transfer to reduce Dendrite Arm Spacing (DAS)

  • Improved heat transfer to shorten cycle times

  • Improved heat transfer for optimized filling of the mold

Improved Production Costs

  • Shorter cycle times

  • Longer lifetime of dies and molds

  • Reduced maintenance

Improved Cast Quality

  • Better mechanical properties of the cast (DAS)

  • Better surface quality of the cast

  • Less pores in the cast

ANVILOY Tungsten Alloy Die Casting Specifications Chart image
ANVILOY Tungsten Alloy Die Casting Thermal Conductivity Chart image
ANVILOY Tungsten Alloy Die Casting Heat Check Resistance Chart image
ANVILOY Tungsten Alloy Die Casting Solubility Chart image

ANVILOY® Used in
Die Casting Research


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by John F. Wallace, David Schwam and Yulong Zhu
Case Western Reserve University
June 2002

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