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ANVILOY® is the brand name for a group of tungsten alloys, exclusively developed by a team of metal experts from the former US tungsten producer CMW and its partner Weldstone Components.

Astaras is the exclusive provider of ANVILOY® Tugsten Alloys in the Americas, and Weldstone Components serves Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

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The Americas


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Largo, FL 33777, USA

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Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia


Rübgarten 2
D-57299 Burbach, Germany

Call us at +49 8031 94 13 99-0


The Americas
Sales &
Product Support

Ross Wayman

General Manager Metals Division


Jim Brown

Technical Sales


Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia 
Sales &
Product Support

Mr. Andreas Endemann

Managing Director

+49 8031 ​​94 13 99-0

Mr. Thomas Hoehn

Managing Director

+49 8031 ​​94 13 99-0

& Billing

Josh Durfee

Americas Accounting Manager


Ext. 102

Micheala Horman

Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia Accounting Manager

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The Americas Marketing

Andy Stawski

Senior Marketing Manager


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