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High density.

Extremely high shielding performance.

Containers and shielding for radioactive materials, and collimators in magnetic resonance (MRT) equipment. Radioactive source containers, gamma radiography, shields, and more. Freight inspection equipment and X-Ray devices also contain tungsten alloys. 

ANVILOY® Tungsten alloys provide excellent value compared to traditional radiation shielding materials, like lead.

ANVILOY® alloys can provide the same energy absorption as lead AND use 1/3 less material! 

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ANVILOY® Benefits and Applications

ANVILOY® products with extreme density to ensure the highest possible shielding performance in the smallest of spaces:

  • Shielding components

  • Source container

  • Collimators

Application examples of ANVILOY® shielding:

  • Radiation source holder in measuring devices

  • Radiation shielding of radioactive substances in chemotherapy
  • Collimator sheets in magnetic resonance tomographs

  • Transport container for radioactive substances

ANVILOY® Advantages vs. Lead

ANVILOY® Shield Advantage

+ Mass density 18.7g / cm³
+ physically and chemically stable
+ environmentally friendly

Shortcomings of Lead Shields

  • Mass density of lead 11.3g / cm³

  • Physically and chemically unstable

  • Environmentally harmful

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