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ANVILOY® Tungsten Industries

ANVILOY® products are used in these industries.

Metal Forming
Aviation Show
Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Die Casting, Permanent Mold, and Foundry

ANVILOY® Cooling Inserts, Wear Resistance Inserts, Core Pins, Short Block, Sprue Bushings, Sprue Posts, Chill Blocks and More!


High Mass Density Weights and Counterbalances


High Density. High Shielding Performance. 

Containers and Shielding for Radioactive Materials. Collimators in Magnetic Resonance (MRT) Equipment.

Rig Maintenance
Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Oil & Gas

Superior Performance and Lower Cost Compared to Tungsten-Carbide Tooling. 

Boring Bards, Grinding Quills, Arbors, Bucking Bars.

Shielding & Nuclear

Application examples of ANVILOY® shielding include transport container for radioactive substances, radiation source holder in measuring devices, radiation shielding of radioactive substances in chemotherapy and Collimator sheets in magnetic resonance tomographs

Precision Tooling

​Superior performance and lower cost compared to tungsten-carbide tooling.

High-thermal conductivity.

Low-thermal expansion.

Withstands thermal shock. 

Tools run cooler. Last longer. 

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