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ANVILOY® Machining

We prefer to machine the parts for you and supply them finished according to 2D and 3D data. We are very experienced and have the right equipment for it.

Additionally, we have some special technologies which enable us to save costs compared to conventional CNC machining.

ANVILOY Machining: Products


All turning jobs - inside and outside - can be accomplished with common tools made from tungsten carbide listed in the ISO groups of machine cuttings K 05 to K 20.

Using tungsten carbide turning tools, cuts without chamfer with a setting angle of 6° and a face angle of 6°- 12° should be selected.

For cutting, positive plates are to be preferred with chip breaker without chamfers. Cutting speeds of 80 - 120 m/min can be achieved. Also, High Speed Turning is possible. Cooling agents are not necessary.


For this treatment are drills made from high-speed steel (preferably material NR. 1.3342 or 1.3343) or tungsten carbide of the ISO group of machine cuttings K 10 suitably.

The tip angle of the drill should be 120°. Depending on the choice of the tool material cutting speeds from 20 to 80 m/min are possible.

Since no cooling agent is used, the drilling made of high-speed steel needs often to be ventilated, in order not to let cutting edge of the drill rise to a temperature over 550°C.


Knife heads with positive indexable inserts made from tungsten carbide of the groups of ISO machine cuttings of K 10 K 20 and/or P 20 to P 30 proved to be very suitable.

With an angle of the major cutting edge of 80° the face angle of the indexable insert should be 6° - 10°. Likewise, the angles of inclination should be 6° and the setting angle 6°. As cutting speed 80 - 120 m/min is recommended.

High speed Milling is possible. No cooling agent is used.


For sharpening Tungsten alloys ceramically bound grinding wheels made of silicon carbide can be used.

With a granulation of 50- 120 the degree of hardness of the disk should be H to K.

For cooling of the disk and reliable clearing of the splinters the grinding area must be rinsed with a strong cooling agent jet.

The cooling agent can be a mixture of water and a commercial additive.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Generally, all here mentioned metals can be machined by spark eroding.

To machine these high melting metals, you must use high melting electrode materials.

We recommend TUCOMET® 80 and W90NiCu which can be ordered from us.

Please take care that the electrode is used as a cathode.


All ANVILOY® Alloys can be well hard brazed. As silver solder the silver solder 8427 with 840°C and 8449 with 690°C work temperature work satisfactorily.

In special cases ANVILOY® Alloys can be connected also by friction welding with steel, copper, aluminum and their alloys.


ANVILOY® Products can be repaired by using ANVILOY® Weld Rod.

ANVILOY® Weld Rod is a tungsten-based TIG-welding filler metal, available as rod or as wire. It is used to repair cracks, breaks and washouts.

For more information please check the ANVILOY® Weld Rod page.

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