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ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Video

Filler Metal

ANVILOY® Weld Rod products are offered as filler metal rods and wires, which can be provided in spools. They are used to repair, armor or coat dies made of tool steel or ANVILOY®. It is also used to create weld connections of ANVILOY® products e.g. like for threaded or welded inserts.

This is done by melting ANVILOY® Weld Rod filler metal rods or wires in a TIG-Arc and apply it to a work piece.

There are also other coating technologies applied especially for the ANVILOY® Weld Wire.

ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Products

ANVILOY® Weld Rod Advantages & Applications

ANVILOY® Advantages

  • Significant increase in wear resistance

  • Reduction of soldering

  • Repair welding provides increased lifetime

Weld Rod Major Applications

  • Repair of cracked or broken dies

  • Reconstruction of damages and washouts

  • Armor, strengthen or recoat areas exposed to high erosion or corrosion

ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: FAQ

Welding with ANVILOY® Weld Rod

ANVILOY® Weld Rods

ANVILOY® Weld Rod is supplied in diameters of 1.0, 1.6, 2.4, 3.0 and 3.2 mm and is packed in 500 mm long round
tubes. It is important to carefully store the ANVILOY® Weld Rods in these packages to protect them from contamination.

Contamination of rods and wires can cause problems during welding. Therefore, never remove more material from the packaging than you immediately need.

Welding Practice

ANVILOY® WELD ROD is very easy to weld and is no different from TIG welding with stainless steel, apart from the fact that ANVILOY® WELD ROD is more susceptible to corrosion of the wire tip and the welding bath.

It is therefore very important to maintain a gas flow time of approx. 5 seconds to prevent the welding bath from being contaminated at starting.

ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: FAQ
ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Text
ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Text
ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Image
ANVILOY Weld Rod Filler Metal: Text
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